Scanning: Colour Fidelity - State of the art colour control

Scanning Services

We can convert your analogue image into almost any digital file format for reproduction or electronic storage.


A complete range of scanning services

We have a complete range of scanning services from scanning 500 sheets of a report to large format mounted prints. We offer high speed document scanning and conversion to .pdf (ideal for document storage), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning to produce editable text from hard-copy originals. We also offer ultra-high resolution (up to 6,100dpi) scanning of film positives, slides/transparencies and negatives. Our roller-fed large format scanner can handle images up to 42" wide (length is determined by overall file size based on image resolution) and originals up to .5" thick.


File Formats and Colour Spaces

Specify the format you need, or let us know what use the file will be put to, and we can recommend file formats. Pdf, tiff, jpg, gif, txt, xls, doc, etc. all have their purposes. As well as file format, colour space can be very important. CMYK, RGB, LAB, indexed colour, etc. all have different colour ranges and limitations. We can make recommendations for optimal colour space based on the intended use.


State-of-the-art Colour control

Retaining the colour fidelity of colour-critical images such as paintings and photographs requires attention to detail and the use of professional colour management systems. Our Heidelberg colour management system is widely recognized in the industry as a top-of-the-line resource for colour control. In addition to these mechanical controls, we offer professional manual colour correction services. Optimizing the digital capture of critical analogue colour information can require the intervention of a skilled scanner operator and colour technician to maximize the retention of colour information from the original colour space to the desired digital colour space.


Customer Service and Technical Support

If you need help, technical recommendations or pricing, give us a call at 604.683.6991 or click on Contact Us. We guarantee that you will get friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service.


Integrated Solutions

In addition to scanning services, we offer complete commercial print solutions, such as business stationery packages, presentation folders and marketing materials. We can even manage your direct mail campaign complete with variable printing and mailing. We excel at managing our customers' accounts and ensuring that you get the most from your budget and your brand collateral.