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Why Conferences and Associations Should Print Event Publications and Training Manuals in 2015 . . . and Beyond

Printed or Digital? If you’ve only produced a digital version of your convention materials you will be competing against every single beep, chime and alert from their email, Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest notifications, or the latest tweet about something which probably doesn’t really matter anyway.

Many feel our culture has reached a tipping point; that older technology and output such as printed conference and convention materials should be replaced with purely digital solutions such as mobile applications and web 3.0 semantic event-specific social networking portals. While I can certainly appreciate the increasing confusion for those caught up in the distraction of today’s digital dilemma, allow me to make a few simple, yet profound, observations which may help clear up the confusion.
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4 colour process printing – what you need to know

4 colour process separation showing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black separations

Full colour printing is achieved by using just four ink colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black or CMYK (see box story below on what the K stands for). These are called process colours and full colour printing is also called 4 colour process printing. In theory, mixing Cyan, Magenta and Yellow inks should yield Black but in practice, we get an unsatisfactorily muddy dark colour due to the nature of the pigments used and hence Black was introduced as a fourth colour in 4 colour process printing to achieve better detail and contrast.

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Choosing the right image resolution for your print job

Are you using the right image resolution for your print jobs?

Have you ever had a job printed and been disappointed with the quality of the images? This could have been the result of the low image resolution of the photos you provided. Using low resolution images is one of the most common errors designers make when creating designs for print. First, let us clarify some of the terminology.

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Responsive Web Design


What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is an approach to website design aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even smart TVs, from a single set of code. The website is coded using a mix of flexible or fluid grids, layouts, images and CSS media queries to adapt to a user’s screen size/resolution, platform and orientation. As a user switches from his 27″ desktop to his 10″ tablet and to his 4″ mobile phone, the website should automatically switch to accommodate the new screen resolution. To see this responsive design in action from your laptop or desktop, re-size your browser window smaller and you should see the website respond to the new size by re-sizing elements and re-formatting the layout.

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Samco Printers remains committed to Ending Global Poverty

Below is an interview of Samco Printers’ President, Sam Hirji by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada about his involvement with the World Partnership Walk and was originally published in The Vancouver Sun on May 25, 2015.

Meet Sam Hirji:

Sam immigrated to Canada after being uprooted from his home country of Uganda, East Africa, due to the 1972 political crisis. In 1976, with a small business loan and 500 square feet of leased space, Sam created Samco Printers Ltd., which has become Vancouver’s best known downtown commercial print company. Aside from his reputation for commitment to quality and service, Sam is well known for his generous, energetic and tireless support of the many charitable causes in the Vancouver community and beyond. Nowhere is this more evident than in his support of the World Partnership Walk since its inception in 1985.

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Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

Digital printing technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. These technological advances, together with having more finishing options available now and increased affordability make digital printing a popular choice for Vancouver’s commercial printing. This popularity has also brought some confusion. We are often asked what is the difference between digital printing and offset printing and which one is preferable. An understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing and how those compare to traditional offset lithography is critical in making the right choice.  Continue reading

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What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is a popular method for binding books, magazines, catalogues, directories and periodicals. Books bound this way are also called soft covers and paperbacks. The bound book has a square spine with a wraparound cover, making it attractive, and professional. Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about envelopes

Everything you need to know about envelopes

We use envelopes to enclose anything from invitations, greeting cards, letters and brochures to payroll cheques, catalogues and even pre-approved credit card offers. Envelopes come in different sizes, folding styles, colours, stocks, with windows and security tints. We’ll look at all these and more. Continue reading

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What is Thermography Printing?

thermography printing

Thermography, also known as Thermographic Printing, Raised Ink Printing and Offset Thermography, is a cost-effective alternative to achieve a raised effect similar to engraving and embossing. Thermography is widely regarded as an appealing and preferred printing process that adds prestige to any printed piece. Continue reading

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Reflex Blue blues – how to overcome common printing problems

Ink Know-How. How to subdue the Reflex Blue blues.

Reflex Blue is one of the most commonly used spot colours — especially for corporate colours — and it is one of the most problematic inks to use on press. Continue reading

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