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A Career with Samco Printers

If you have related experience/skills in any of the following positions, please feel free to apply by sending your resume to We will be happy to consider you for possible employment.



Outside Sales
If you are a disciplined, energetic and confident go-getter, who can win new clients and nurture existing ones, then email us and tell us about yourself. We are looking for detail-oriented individuals with a demonstrable customer satisfaction track record.

Our outside sales associates must have an engaging personality and excellent written and verbal communications skills as well as the confidence to communicate effectively and clearly with clients and colleagues at all levels of management. This position requires an individual who understands offset and digital printing processes and who has the ability to transform customer specifications into customer satisfaction. A good outside sales representative will take complete responsibility for understanding and communicating the customer’s needs to our production staff and for assisting the customer in making purchasing decisions that truly meet the customer’s needs.

Duties include generating new leads and acquiring new customers, writing estimates and work orders, and developing goal oriented-solutions for our customers. A driver’s license is essential.


Inside Sales
Our inside sales position demands excellent communication skills and the ability to think on your feet. Customer relations are key to this job and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the print industry is a fundamental requirement. Our inside sales representative must take complete responsibility for understanding and communicating the customer’s needs to our production staff and for assisting our customers in making purchasing decisions that truly meet the customer’s needs.

Duties include counter sales, answering incoming telephone calls, arranging pick-ups and deliveries, writing estimate requests and work orders for new and established customers, as well as liaising with the art and production departments.


Graphic Artists
Samco Printers supplies our customers with a full range of printing services including graphic design and the production of artwork for digital and offset printing. Our graphic artists work in a well-equipped art department under the direction and supervision of the Art Director.

When hiring graphic artists, we look for experienced individuals who can demonstrate a balance between creativity and precision and who can work under pressure in a swiftly changing environment.

The graphic artist we are looking for must be extremely proficient in a Mac environment using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop as well as being competent with Microsoft Office applications.

Most successful candidates have a minimum of two years commercial experience and are excellent team players who are able to work unsupervised with confidence and precision. A good command of the English language is a must and communication skills should be far above average.

In a world of deadlines and accuracy we expect the members in our pre-press department to respond to the needs of our customers with mature efficiency and flexibility and to be aware of customers’ individual requirements.


Estimators play a pivotal role in the daily operation of our company. They use accepted and tried industry methods for establishing the price of a specific print job so that the sales staff are able to compete in the local market.

Our estimators calculate the total selling price for proposed printing jobs, including various production options as requested by sales staff and production managers. To do this work accurately the estimator must be able analyze all job specifications from design to packaging and delivery to ensure that all the information required to calculate the price is reflected in the customer’s specifications.

An estimator must be able to refine the specifications received based on knowledge and experience to streamline production, provide the best price possible, ensure the best quality and provide the best solution tailored to the customer’s needs. An estimate will detail all elements of the job to be printed including artwork, film supplied, paper supplied, finishing methods and delivery instructions and deadlines.

Estimators are responsible for keeping detailed records and production plans for use by production managers, noting any potential delays in production due to mill order stock, discontinued stock or minimum order requirements.

The estimator also calculates additional costs if a work order varies from the original estimate and passes it along to sales staff for customer approval. He/She will also revise estimates in the case of author’s alterations i.e. changes to customer art, files, or specifications after a job is accepted, and pass this information to sales staff for processing.

Samco Printers is looking for an estimator with a complete understanding of modern printing processes and terminology and the ability to plan a job and visualize all of its steps and material requirements. The applicant must have a working knowledge of estimating paper and ink, calculating the degree of difficulty in production, job layout and bindery operations including a variety of digital processes. It is essential that he/she has strong written and verbal communication skills and a numerical aptitude. The ability to work with computers is a prerequisite, as is the natural ability to prioritize. The estimator’s job requires contact with each department and the ability to work within a team is central to the estimating role.


Production Manager
This key position requires an experienced and calm individual who can multi-task and work with precision under all conditions. The production manager understands the print processes from sales through prepress for offset and digital production to bindery, finishing and delivery.

She/He must be extremely well organized, with the ability to prioritize on the move, setting and changing deadlines at a moment’s notice. To do this, the production manager must have superior communication skills and a deep knowledge of commercial printing. In addition to the above talents, a good production manager will be very comfortable working with a wide variety of third-party suppliers such as equipment vendors and their service staff, paper suppliers, ink suppliers and trade printing companies and finishers.

Responsibilities include controlling and optimizing workflow to ensure each job passes smoothly and quickly from department to department. This will require analyzing each job and, by working with other departments, planning all production processes to ensure that the job is produced in the most efficient manner without error or waste. The production manager will schedule all jobs, plan shifts, organize staff, provide production advice, take ownership of quality control and ensure delivery within the required deadlines.


Offset Press and High Speed Digital Press Operators
Samco Printers requires a highly capable and experienced press operator for 4 colour and/or 2 colour presses.

Experienced and conscientious operators are required for our high-speed black and white and colour digital presses. Applicants for this job must have a minimum of two years experience and be comfortable with Mac and PC platforms running InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft applications.


Bindery Workers
Bindery workers required to operate cutter, punching and coiling machines, booklet maker, drill, folders and laminator. Manual hand work on occasions. Prior experience preferred.