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Every business uses forms of some kind to conduct their daily business.

While many business forms are used internally and never seen by clients, invoices, statements, order forms, etc. are seen by your clients. Think of these forms as a way to advertise your corporate image while conducting your daily business. Professional looking forms confirm to your customer that your firm is a professional business.


paper stocks

While one part forms can be printed on utility grade paper, multi-part forms require NCR (No Carbon Required) papers. These papers have special coatings that transfer the image from sheet to sheet when the form is filled out. These forms can be padded in loose sets, or booked with a cover that wraps around and can be inserted between sets to prevent transferring information between separate forms. Standard NCR colour sequences are as follows:

  • 2-part NCR: White/Canary
  • 3-part NCR: White/Canary/Pink
  • 4-part NCR: White/Canary/Pink/Goldenrod

Continuous (or tractor feed) forms are printed on roll stock and perforated to allow separation of the forms (once filled in) from each other and from the tractor feed strips on the sides.

environmentally friendly options

Ask about Forest Stewardship Council certified stock with Eco-friendly carbonless transfer chemistry.

finishing options

Common forms finishing operations at our print shop include perforating, numbering, padding and booking.

customer service and technical support

If you need help making a decision, getting pricing, setting up your file or you want us to design your business form, give us a call at 604.683.6991, click on Request for Quotation or Contact Us. Alternatively, you can also visit us in person at our Vancouver print shop! We’d love to see you soon. We guarantee that you will get friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service.

integrated solutions

We offer complete solutions, such as matching business stationery packages, presentation folders and marketing materials. We can even manage your direct mail campaign complete with variable printing and mailing. We excel at managing our customers’ accounts and ensuring that you get the most from your budget and your brand collateral.


One way to save money when printing NCR forms is to list the colour designations the same way on each part of the form (i.e. White – Customer/Yellow – Sales/Pink – Accounting). That way the same plate can be used for the entire job. If the white sheet were designated Customer, the yellow sheet designated Sales and the pink sheet designated Accounting, a separate plate would have to be made for each part of the form.

How To

Our team of printing and design experts will help you to get your project off on the right foot. We will ensure that your job is produced on time and on budget. For help on setting up your business form file for printing, contact technical support. For graphic design resources, click here. To speak to a Samco Expert to get immediate assistance from our print shop, call us at 604.683.6991.