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Custom printed envelopes convey a sense of prestige.

Since the envelope is the first thing a customer, potential customer, investor or guest sees, an impressively printed envelope can play a critical role in your communication. Will the recipient read the content or discard the communication without even opening it? The envelope could make the difference. There is always an envelope printing option to fit your printing budget. It could be black ink printed on a carefully chosen paper stock or a full colour, embossed, foiled and custom die-cut envelope (or somewhere in-between). We can help you find the right fit.


Quality Envelope Stocks

Envelopes come in a wide variety of paper stocks from high quality commodity grades to fine papers. If the quantity justifies it, you can even choose the perfect stock and have the customized envelopes manufactured.

environmentally friendly options

A range of recycled and Forest Stewardship Council certified envelope stocks are available.

Finishing Options

Because most envelopes are printed on pre-manufactured envelopes and due to the need to meet Canada Post regulations, there are some limitations on finishing options for envelopes. Various colours of foil are quite successful in giving that special touch. Envelopes that are not intended to go through a laser printer can be “thermo embossed” (raised printing). This is very useful for producing classy envelopes for hand-addressed wedding invitations and other prestigious affairs.

Custom Conversion

If the quantity justifies it, personalized envelope conversion is an option. This means that the envelope is printed on the flat sheet of the chosen paper and subsequently die-cut, folded and glued to create the envelope. This gives more choice in paper stocks and allows embossing and printing of images that “bleed” off the edge of the envelope.

Customer Service and Technical Support

If you need help making a decision, getting pricing, setting up your file, or if you have any questions about our custom envelope printing, give us a call at 604.683.6991, click on Request for Quotation or Contact Us. We guarantee that you will get friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service.

Integrated Solutions

We offer complete solutions, such as matching business stationery packages, presentation folders, business cards, cards invitations, and marketing materials. We can even manage your direct mail campaign complete with variable printing and mailing. We excel at managing our customers’ accounts and ensuring that you get the most from your budget and your brand collateral.



When choosing a size for an invitation or card that is going into an envelope, check with us first to determine what size envelopes are available. You should design the finished size of your invitation or card .25” smaller than the envelope.


How To

Our team of printing and design experts will help you to get your project off on the right foot. We will ensure that your job is produced on time and on budget. For help on setting up your envelope file for printing, contact technical support. For graphic design resources, click here. To speak to a Samco Expert to get immediate assistance, call us at 604.683.6991.


There are many finishing options available after printing such as Emboss or Deboss, Thermography, Metallic Foil, Lamination, Varnish or Aqueous Coating.