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Get noticed in a crowded and competitive marketplace!

Producing signage that conveys your message in a visually cluttered environment takes more than the ability to simply print or construct a sign. Understanding visual communication is the key. We have more than 30 years experience helping our customers reach their audience.


Good communication starts with good design. Good design reflects an understanding of the desired message, an aptitude for presenting the message clearly with all the nuances that convey the personality and culture of the “speaker”, an ability to analyze the onsite visual environment and the skill to make the signage cut through the visual clutter and speak directly to the targeted recipient. We know how to do that.



We draw on a broad spectrum of materials that contribute to the message by using the media’s colour, surface, tactile and functional characteristics. Often, as the saying goes, “the media is the message”. Of course, we consider the practical aspects such as longevity and cost so we can tailor the material usage to meet all your requirements, including budget. From simple printed POP signage and menu boards to exterior full colour sandwich boards, cut vinyl window signage and faciaboards, we have the answer to your signage needs.



When you need to show that you care about the environment there are bio-degradable and recycled options for substrates and materials.



If you need help making a decision, getting pricing, setting up your file or you want us to design your signage, give us a call at 604.683.6991 or click on Contact Us. We guarantee that you will get friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service.



In addition to signage, we offer complete commercial print solutions, such as matching business stationery packages, presentation folders and marketing materials. We can even manage your direct mail campaign complete with variable printing and mailing. We excel at managing our customers’ accounts and ensuring that you get the most from your budget and your brand collateral.