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  • Size Detail
    Please enter the size of the flat sheet when it is opened, before any folding.
  • Page Count Detail
    A sheet printed on both sides is counted as 2 pages. This RFQ form is for jobs using only one stock (the front and back covers or first and last sheets of your job use the same stock as the inside pages). For jobs with different cover specifications, please use the RFQ for Books.
  • Printing Detail
    Please indicate if your job is in full colour or black and white, single-sided or double-sided. If you will be using Pantone or Spot colours, please specify in the additional information below.
  • Stock Detail
    We have a huge selection of stocks available. Most of our stocks are FSC, SFI or PEFC certified, with recycled content. If you have a specific stock in mind, please choose Custom and specify the weight and the name of the stock.
  • Binding Detail
    Saddle stitching folds the sheet in half and puts 2 staples through the fold. Each sheet will thus have 4 pages. If the number of pages in your job is not in multiples of 4, we'll add blank pages.

    Corner stapling puts one staple in the top left corner in portrait or landscape orientation.

    Side stapling puts two staples through the face to the back.

    Cerlox combs are easy to take apart to add or remove pages after binding.

    Spiral combs are professional looking but more difficult to remove.

    Wire-o binding is the most professional looking but the binding cannot be re-used.

    Perfect binding is seen on most magazines on newstands. It has a square spine and looks professional but the book cannot be opened flat.
  • Folding Detail
  • other Option
    Perforation puts micro-slits on the sheet to allow for easy separation for tearing.

    Numbering in one position or more for control purposes.

    If your job has variable data, please let us know what are the variable fields and what format you'll be supplying the data file in additional information below.
  • Quantity
    There is no minimum order quantity. However, as unit price goes down with increased quantity, it is more cost effective to order a larger quantity.
  • Proof Preference
    Please indicate if you would like a proof before we proceed with production.

    A PDF soft proof is great for checking content but not colours.

    A printed hard copy proof is printed to simulate the actual product. If your job is printed digitally, it will be proofed on actual stock. You can elect to come in to view the hard copy proof or have it mailed out to you.
  • Attach File Sample
    Please include a file if you have one. This will allow the estimators to provide a more accurate quote. We prefer PDFs but can accept any standard formats.

    To attach a file, click on Browse to locate the file on your computer that you want to send.
    Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • Additional information
    Please let us know if you have any special instructions that are not noted above.